President March

Dear members,
By the time you read this newsletter, we would’ve had our annual general meeting, and for those who were not able to attend, I will include snippets of my report in this edition of the newsletter.

The committee members remain unchanged with a slight change in role responsibilities with of one member – Christian Schiess, our Public Relations (PR) officer, is now the vice president. Michael Hauser who served in the committee for a number of years as president as well as our PR for the last 2 years has formally stepped down from the committee. During his time as president, amongst other, he was pivotal in the negotiations and engagements with the city at the time when we were relocated to this new venue. It was an honour to have him as part of the team. Thanks for your leadership and commitment to the club!

We have been blessed with a prosperous year in 2017, amongst other, from a financial perspective through our membership support and together with the commitment of a fantastic treasurer whom I am very proud of to have on the team, thanks Andreas! Thank you all for your contributions & sponsorship – your generous sponsorships have allowed for the beautiful upgrades to both Jonkershoek & Green Point as well as the sustainment of the club as whole. Roger, “thank you” to you and your team for the all the work done in Jonkershoek.

Our members continued support through presence at events is appreciated, though we can be a lot better with this, but I understand that “life happens” and we can’t always be there. I for one, have not been very present and many of you have not seen much of me last year, but if you recall, I did mention this as a condition of my presidency. I will however commit to improving my presence & the presence of a committee stand-in, where I am unable to attend, specifically at formal events where representation is needed.

The club remains to look stunning and fresh with Marcie & team going all out to ensure a delicious meal is available on club evenings. Their nonstop efforts and the time that they generously invest into the club to attract our club member is unfortunately not being supported by the Swiss members. My hope remains that our younger generation will grow to aspire to be active participants of the club (just as their parents and grandparents once were) – this however I leave up to you as parents and grandparents to encourage. Some insights into our membership statistics – these days the stats are reported as members younger than 64, 65-79 & 80+yrs old. Ca 46% of our membership is in the <64yrs age group… not being judgemental, but if you look around at events, and had to guestimate the age group ratio of membership to <50yrs, <40yrs & <30yrs – your analysis would probably be fairly accurate.

2017 and the first quarter of 2018 has been a busy, but quiet year. It is our commitment to honour the planned traditional events which are communicated upfront in the newsletter (so please do diarise) with reminders via newsflashes.

The achievement of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

Best Wishes

December 2018 & January 2019

New Members

  • Heidi & Beat Musfeld, Buochs-CH

Birthdays December 2018 & January 2019 (80+)

  • 03.12.1923 Adolph Linder, Rondebosch
  • 10.12.1938 Willy Segers, Sea Point
  • 14.12.1934 Hermann Häni, Pinelands
  • 10.01.1937 Renzo Moretti, Capegate
  • 19.01.1939 Ernst Tobler, Howard Place
  • 22.01.1932 Hans Nowotny, Sea Point
  • 26.01.1933 Heinz Stelzner


  • no donations!

Deceased members:

  • None

October & November 2018

New Members

  • Lindsay & Mattias Suter, Claremont
  • Stefanie Schmidle, Cape Town
  • Nicky & Roland Bühler, Fresnaye
  • Bettina & AJ Claasen-Frauchiger, Green Point
  • Oliver Trachsel & Mark Chhunthang, Bantry Bay
  • Aline & Cristian Cordaro, Herisau-CH
  • Odette & Clive Brown, Milnerton

Birthdays October & November 2018 (80+)

  • 13.10.1921 Josef Alois Eicher, Durbanville
  • 13.10.1929 Arthur Müller, Vredehoek
  • 14.10.1932 Bernhard Schreiber, Sea Point
  • 25.10.1932 Joyce Evard, Vredehoek
  • 28.10.1936 Johann “Hans” Buchmann, Bloubergstrand
  • 04.11.1938 Bobby Buser, Mowbray
  • 14.11.1937 Dave Jillings, Camps Bay
  • 27.11.1931 Liliane Cockinis, Plumstead


  • Monika & Jürg Siegenthaler, Somerset West

Deceased members:

  • Madeleine Low, Vredehoek (DoB 26.05.1929)

August & September 2018

New Members

  • Margrit & Werner Ketterer, Constantia
  • Bianca van Rensburg, Constantia
  • Hugo Quixtner, Hout Bay

Birthdays August & September 2018 (80+)

  • 09.08.1929 Günther Komnick, Pinelands
  • 09.08.1932 Dorothy Brunnschweiler, Fresnaye
  • 12.08.1927 Alice Blaser, Brackenfell
  • 15.08.1930 Helga Schaufenbühl, Kenridge
  • 27.08.1935 Albert Buser, Camps Bay
  • 27.08.1938 Greta Fässler, Parow
  • 28.08.1927 Doris Hirschi, Loevenstein
  • 31.08.1930 Aurora Eberhard, Hout Bay
  • 03.09.1936 Annelise Fürst, Cape Town
  • 05.09.1938 Peter Hoffmann, Muizenberg
  • 22.09.1925 Judith Guldimann, Kenridge
  • 23.09.1930 Jules Ambühler, Zürich/CH


  • no donations!

Deceased members:

  • Walter Aeberli (DoB 16.06.1937)

June & July 2018

New Members

  • Victoria & Ross Reuvers, Claremont
  • Johann Buchmann, Bloubergstrand
  • Cornelia Meier, Somerset West
  • Rahel & Marcel Straub, Bäretwil/CH
  • Susan & Hermann Riester-Plüss, Scarborough

Birthdays June & July 2018 (80+)

  • 02.06.1936 Myrtha Buser, Cape Town
  • 16.06.1937 Walter Aeberli, Claremont
  • 23.06.1922 Paul Wunder, Three Anchor Bay
  • 28.06.1932 Fergus Kenny, Waterfront
  • 29.06.1929 Deierdre Van Tonder, Greenpoint
  • 02.07.1924 Sylvia Jones, Pinelands
  • 04.07.1936 Alfredo De Piaz, Newlands
  • 15.07.1938 Pierre Guyer, Milnerton
  • 17.07.1937 Robert Jegger, Gordons Bay


  • no donations!

Deceased members:

  • Andre Bäni (DoB 19.02.1938)

April & May 2018

New Members

  • Beatrice & René Müller, Küssnacht a.R./CH
  • Luanne & Yves Musfeld, Sir Lowry’s Pass
  • Rosmarie & Fred Rüest, Dieboord
  • Hermann Weber, Wellington
  • Sabine Elmiger & Fabian Reinhardt, Three Anchor Bay
  • Urs Heinz Huber, Richwood
  • Katsa & Collin Morris, Flamingo Vlei
  • Brigitte & Sinclair Harcus-Schlatter, Sunningdale

Birthdays April & May 2018 (80+)

  • 24.04.1938 Agathe Barbara Trengrove, Wynberg
  • 29.04.1938 Rosmarie Frey, Tamboerskloof
  • 04.05.1936 Heinz Mettler, Parow
  • 25.05.1936 Astrid Hohl, Vredehoek
  • 26.05.1929 Madeleine Louw, Vredehoek
  • 29.05.1932 Gordan Ronald Peterson, Constantia


  • Turi Müller, Vredehoek
  • Olga & Fridolin Lenz, Lansdowne
  • Irene & Willy Segers, Sea Point
  • Werner Roth, Bloubergrant
  • Paul Häberli, Stalden/CH
  • Peter Traber, Oranjezicht
  • Dorothy Brunnschweiler, Fresnaye
  • Anita & Max Streich, Durbanville
  • Katharina Thieme & Christian Schiess, Kenilworth
  • Peter Schlatter, Howard Place

Deceased members:

  • Remo Antonio Julita (DoB 03.10.1929)
  • Vreni Wettstein (DoB 25.03.1932)
  • Rudi Andrist (DoB 06.01.1937)

February & March 2018

New Members

  • Heinrich Strehler, Somerset West
  • Janet & Ernst Schoch, Ottenbach/CH
  • Alexandre Barrière Izard, Cape Town
  • Marrin & Matthias Schaffner, Cape Town
  • Diedre & Kenneth Winer, Cape Town
  • Jacqueline & Gary Pretorius, Constantia
  • Petra & Christoph Fernandez, Paarl
  • Thomas Rust, Fairways

Birthdays February & March 2018 (80+)

  • 09.02.1936 Gerda Breyer, Vredehoek
  • 19.02.1938 Andre Bäni, Camps Bay
  • 07.03.1936 Paul Häberli, Stalden/CH
  • 25.03.1932 Vreni Wettstein, Somerset West


  • Nina & Peter Ruch, Somerset West
  • Joey Jauch & Dieter Hörnlein, Paarl
  • Diedre & Kenneth Winer, Bishopscourt
  • Susanne Ruchti & Hans Ulrich Schmutz, Stand
  • Verna & Andreas Reichmuth, Cape Town
  • Magdalena & Walter Aeberli, Claremont
  • Christa & Herbert Schmell, Somerset West
  • Beat Schweizer, Somerset West
  • Erika & Ulrich Gerber CH
  • Marcelle Gerber & Fabian Notter CH
  • Susanna & Guido Burkhardt, Somerset West
  • Gillian & Anthony Mils, Tokai
  • Selma & Jürgen Korth, Somerset West
  • Sepp Grüter, Milnerton
  • Zaidee & Sepp Jung

Deceased members:

  • None

December 2017 & January 2018

New Members

  • Mandy Govender & Marco Huggenberger, Claremont
  • Romy & Paul Kunz, Adligenswil/CH
  • Monika & Anton Duss, Panorama
  • Alison & Michael Killick, Constantia Hill
  • Frederic Mariette, Constantia
  • Gillian & Anthony Mills, Tokai

Birthdays December 2017 & January 2018 (80+)

  • 03.12.1923 Adolph Linder, Rondebosch
  • 14.12.1934 Hermann Häni, Pinelands
  • 06.01.1937 Rudolf Andrist, Somerset West
  • 10.01.1937 Renzo Moretti, Durbanville
  • 22.01.1932 Hans Nowotny, Sea Point
  • 26.01.1933 Heinz Stelzner, Gardens


  • Anneliese Fürst, Tamboerskloof

Deceased members:

  • Felix Zumstein, Stansstad/CH, 11th November 2017 at the age of 67 (DOB 8.8.1950)

October & November 2017

New Members

  • Michael Paterson, Woodbridge Island
  • Colleen & Michael Silberbauer, Hout Bay
  • Immo Bartens, Tamboerskloof
  • Paul Verhoogt, Cape Town
  • Debbie Schweizer, Tableview
  • Monika & Jörg Siegenthaler, Somerset West

Birthdays October & November 2017 (80+)

  • 03.10.1929 Remo Julita, Sea Point
  • 13.10.1921 Josef Alois Eicher, Durbanville
  • 13.10.1929 Arthur Müller, Vredehoek
  • 14.10.1932 Bernhard Schreiber, Sea Point
  • 25.10.1932 Joyce Evard, Vredehoek
  • 14.11.1921 L. Zwahlen, Belville
  • 14.11.1930 Oreste Zanetti, Rondebosch
  • 14.11.1937 Dave Jillings, Camps Bay
  • 27.11.1931 Liliane Cockinis, Plumstead


  • Yvonne & Urs Gloor, Durbanville

Deceased members:

  • Melanie Guyer, Milnerton, June 2017 at the age of 92 (DOB 13.3.1925)
  • Werner Gautschi, 4th September at the age of 86 (DOB 12.3.1931)

August & September 2017

New Members

  • Walter Wiederkehr, Bergvliet
  • Alvin Hirner, Sea Point
  • Yvette & Andy Küng, Cape Town
  • Verena Mathis & Roger Chénier, Cape Town
  • Erika & Anton Isenschmid, Watt-CH

Birthdays August & September 2017 (80+)

  • 02.06.1936 Myrtha Buser, Camps Bay
  • 09.08.1929 Günther Komnick, Pinelands
  • 09.08.1932 Dorothy Brunnschweiler, Fresnaye
  • 12.08.1927 Alice Blaser, Brackenfell
  • 15.08.1930 Helga Schaufelbühl, Kenridge
  • 27.08.1935 Albert Buser, Camps Bay
  • 28.08.1927 Doris Hirschi, Loevenstein
  • 22.09.1925 Judith Guldimann, Kenridge
  • 23.09.1930 Jules Ambühler, Zürich-CH
  • 31.08.1930 Aurora Eberhard, Hout Bay


  • Maja & Christoph Urech
  • Martha & Beat Reichmuth
  • Peter Hoffmann

Deceased members:

  • Rolf Keller, Marina Da Gama  16th July 2017 (DOB; 12.09.1941)

June & July 2017

New Members

  • Melissa Diener, Green Point
  • Marius Romer, Somerset West
  • Wendy & John Eachus, Constantia
  • Tania & Peter Steuri, Bloubergstrand
  • Leon Appolis, Cape Town
  • Heidi & Peter Trösch, Table View

Birthdays June & July 2017 (80+)

  • 16.06.1937 Walter Aeberli, Claremont
  • 23.06.1922 Paul Wunder, Three Anchor Bay
  • 29.06.1929 Deierdre Van Tonder, Greenpoint
  • 02.07.1924 Sylvia Jones, Pinelands
  • 17.07.1937 Robert Jegger, Gordons Bay


  • Ida & Heiner Wiesenmaier
  • Tracey Roos
  • Marius Romer
  • Giuliana Hug
  • Tonja & Allan Ellman (Umbrella)

Deceased members:

  • Marcel Kilchenmann, Camps Bay, 16.4.2017 (Born 4.6.1947)

April & May 2017

New Members

  • Heidi Meyer, Bellville
  • Belinda & Philip Du Toit, Strand
  • Maria & Jonny Uehli, Paarl
  • Karin & Oliver Blank, Tuggen (CH)
  • Andrew Morrison with Connor & Luke, Table View
  • Gerda & Jürgen Breyer, Vredehoek
  • Chantal Schoch & Roman Pollinger, Oberlunkhofen (CH)
  • Loli & Rolf Schlub, Cape Town
  • Jessica & Christo Botes with Chloe & Christopher, West Beach

Birthdays April & May 2017 (80+)

  • 04.05.1936 Heinz Mettler, Bellville
  • 25.05.1936 Astrid Hohl, Vredehoek
  • 26.05.1929 Madeleine Louw, Vredehoek
  • 29.05.1932 Gordan Ronald Peterson, Constantia


  • Sonja & Jörg Zuber
  • Peter Traber
  • Gerda & Jürgen Breyer
  • Nadia & Marc Lüdi
  • Moyra & Stefan Pflocksch
  • Barbara & Urs Schwarz
  • Sabine & Nick Jenkins
  • Greta Fässler
  • Catherine & Frank Widrig-Jenkins

Deceased members:

  • Hans Baumberger, Stellenbosch, 9.1.2017 (born: 24.7.1928)

 February & March 2017

New Members

  • Ramona & Hubert Falschlanger, Brackenfell
  • Daniel Braunschweiler, CH-Adliswil
  • Tabea & Timon Sieveking, Tamboerskloof
  • Shui-Yin & Matthys Beck, Brackenfell
  • Nicole & Steffan Heusser, Raithby
  • Martin Rütschi, Misty Cliffs

Birthdays December 2016 & January 2017 (80+)

  • 07.03.1936 – Paul Häberli, CH-Stalden25.03.1932 – Vreni Wettstein, Somerset West


  • Turi“ Arthur Müller
  • Carmen & Gordan Peterson
  • Ernst Heusser
  • Selma & Jürgen Kort
  • Maledon & Renzo Moretti
  • Verna & Andreas Reichmuth
  • Dorothy Brunnschweiler

Deceased members:

  • Hans Baumberger, Stellenbosch, 9.1.2017 (born: 24.7.1928)

Dec 2016 & Jan 2017

New Members

  • Tamara Jud, CH-Uetliburg 27.10.2016
  • Alexandra & Sven Lindinger, Durbanville 27.10.2016
  • Andrea & Victor Geldenhuys-Frey, Milnerton 1.11.2016
  • Rozinete & Christoph Blank, CH-Dällikon 1.11.2016
  • Susanne & Josef Meier, Somerset West 3.11.2016

Birthdays December 2016 & January 2017 (80+)

  • 06.01.1937 – Rudolf Andrist, Somerset West
  • 14.12.1934 – Hermann Häni, Pinelands
  • 26.01.1933 – Heinz Stelzner, Gardens
  • 22.01.1932 – Hans Nowotny, Sea Point
  • 12.01.1929 – Erna Bucher, Mouille Point
  • 03.12.1923 – Adolph Linder, Rondebosch


  • 21.10.2016 – Jasmine Tahir

Deceased members:

  • Nicklaus Wiesmann-Rüegg, Milnerton, deceased 24th September 2016
  • Heinz Rudolf Fürst, Cape Town, deceased 30th September 2016

Oct & Nov 2016

New Members

– Marion Beamish & John Mittelmeyer, St. James 1.8.2016
– Yvonne & Rolf Keller, Marina Da Gama, 4.8.2016
– Sydney & Annick Harley, Constantia, 19.8.2016
– Carla Storz & Dominik Weber, Table View 22.8.2016
– Jennifer Horndli, Table View 23.8.2016
– Jeannette Cord, Urdorf-Switzerland 28.8.2016
– Sonja & Jörg Zuger, Somerset West 31.8.2016
– Marta Rozanski & Valentin Neuhaus, Hettlingen-Switzerland 4.9.2016

Birthdays October & November 2016 (80+)

– 30.10.1935 Heinz Fürst, Cape Town
– 25.10.1932 Joyce Evard, Vredehoek
– 14.10.1932 Bernhard Schreiber, Sea Point
– 27.11.1931 Liliane Cockinis, Plumstread
– 14.11.1930 Oreste Zanetti, Rondebosch
– 13.10.1929 Arthur Müller, Vredehoek
– 03.10.1929 Remo Julita, Sea Point
– 14.11.1921 Mr. L. Zwahlen, Belville
– 13.10.1921 Josef Alois Eicher, Durbanville


– 2.8.2016 Jacqueline & Ruedi Schällebaum: R 50.-

Deceased members 2016:

– Isidor Salzberger, Somerset West, deceased 11th August 2016

President’s Report July 2016

Dear members of the Swiss club,

As I write this report, our committee members are tirelessly working at ensuring that our National Day celebrations are successful events enjoyed by all! You have to be a part of the organising team to have an appreciation for the amount of work behind the scenes and I would like to this use opportunity to thank my committee members for their commitment and efforts and a special thank you to all our sponsors for the wonderful prizes.
The “hiring of a new caterer” newsflash has been distributed, if you missed it, there should be a copy within this newsletter. Please forward your applications to

On Jonkershoek, Rene Butzer is busy investigating options of how we can best secure our chalet and hut without spoiling / interfering with the bliss of nature. We will also need to replace the stolen goods – the list will be shared via the newsflash. If you are planning to clean out the garage / or buy a new fridge etc. we have a home for all your unwanted appliances or camping goods.

Reviewing the past events and happenings;

  • We screened some of the EURO 2016 games, which at most times were not that well supported.
  • Our bush pub renovations look stunning – many thanks to Roger and team, as well as the sponsors for their support! The official opening was on the 16th June, if you haven’t yet seen it, do pop in the next time that you are at the club.
  • The fondue evening was booked to capacity and a lovely evening was held by all. It seems that there have been requests for another fondue evening…. Watch the newsflashes!!!
  • During the last quarter of 2015, both committees of the Swiss Club and the Austrian Club have agreed to dissolve the joint venture agreement (Green Point Club) between the two clubs with effect of 31 December 2015. The conditions of this agreement have been finalised and we will continue with the members of the Austrian Club enjoying the same benefits as any Swiss Club member.

Wishing you all a “Happy National Day”
Warm regards
Nicky Rodrigues

Aug & Sept 2016

New Members 

– Inge Niklaus & Beat Schmid, Sea Point 19.5.2016
– Jutta Frech, Bo-Kaap/Cape Town 19.5.2016
– Jean Michelle Rossi, Bergvliet 30.5.2016
– Dominique Withman, Woodstock/Cape Town 14.6.2016
– Maria Zimmermann, Camps Bay 15.6.2016
– Michelle & Innes Linder, Moorreesburg 5.7.2016
– Doris Heusser, Somerset West 7.7.2016
– Joel Baur, Sea Point 15.7.2016

Birthdays August & September 2016 (80+)

– 27.8.35 Albert Buser, Cape Town
– 9.8.32 Dorothy Brunnschweiler, Fresnaye
– 23.9.30 Jules Ambühler, Zürich
– 31.8.30 Aurora Eberhard, Hout Bay
– 15.8.30 Helga Schaufelbühl, Kenridge
– 9.8.29 Günther Komnick, Pinelands
– 31.8.28 Willy Jäggi, Basel
– 28.8.27 Doris Hirschi, Loevenstein
– 12.8.27 Alice Blaser, Brackenfell
– 22.9.25 Judith Guldimann, Kenridge


– 7.6.2016 Jenni & Daniel Siegenthaler
– 13.4.2016 Melanie & Pierre Guyer
– 4.6.2016 Dominique Withman
– 15.6.2016 Peter Werder
– 22.2.2016 Astrid Hohl
– 19.4.2016 Dorothy Brunnschweiler
– 20.6.2016 Maja & Christoph Urech
– 23.6.2016 Barbara & Urs Schwarz

President’s Report June 2016

I have the honour to present my first “presi’s report” and would like to use this opportunity to “thank” the members of the committee for the dedication and enthusiasm they display in keeping our club functional and of interest to our members. And to my predecessor, Stefan Pflocksh for his leadership and always going the extra mile to ensure that things are taken care of. I indeed have “big shoes” to fill.
We also welcome Marci Bischoff and Roger to our team. Roger will serve as maintenance manager of the Green Point club to assist with the upkeep of the club.

A special thanks to Moira (& Stefan) for keeping the kitchen cooking with some good tasting, wholesome dishes in Udo’s absence. Playing the service industry can be quite challenging and we wish Udo well with his new ventures.
Moira and Stefan have kindly agreed to support us with their catering skills until after the 1st August celebrations whilst we “recruit” for a caterer and as you all know this can be a very challenging task for the committee as the applications are “few and far in between”. So, if you know of any retired, keen or hobby chef – please direct them to any of the committee members. An official advert for the position will be communicated via the newsflash and other communication forums.

Amongst some of the past events, the Easter Bunny visit in Jonkershoek was poorly attended with only 13 kids, more sadly are the few families who RSVP’d with no show. Nonetheless, it was a lovely day in the forest with loads of fun for the little ones. A special thanks to Padi and family for arranging the “colouring of the eggs”.

We have had some unfortunate break-ins in Jonkershoek which the Jonkershoek team is currently working on. Updates will be communicated.

As you read this newsletter, the planning for the National Day celebrations would’ve kicked off, but until then, there are still a few gatherings planned – so please do diarise the forthcoming events. Winter is fast approaching, calling for cozy fondue or rachlette evenings which can be arranged with the caterer.

As I mentioned in my acceptance speech;
The club forms part of my growing up years and as a little girl I visited the club every Sunday with my family to watch the soccer games (and on the odd occasion, play it the game as well). I was also a member of the tennis club and still have fond memories of “Sami-Chlaus and the Easter-bunny. I am not great with names, but hope to get to meet you at our social events.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – ~H.E. Luccock

I invite you and your families to be part of our “symphony”

Until next time,

Warm Regards
Nicky Rodrigues

President’s Report April 2016

Dear Members and Friends of the Swiss Social & Sports Club !!

The 93rd Annual General Meeting of your Club is behind us and, as the outgoing President, I am happy to announce that the Committee will remain the same, as last year (??) Well, after 4 years at the helm I have decided to let our younger generation come through. Congratulations to Nicky Rodrigues for becoming ‘The First Lady’ of the Club; as Vice-President I will do my utmost to support her during this year.

What’s there to report in my last President’s Contribution ??

Thanks for your great support on Valentine’s Day to make this year’s WALDFESCHT a memorable one. It was fantastic to see the many efforts that were put into the ‘Red & White’ outfits and to be able to welcome many guests, who hadn’t been around for a while.

The year is still ‘young’ and we are looking forward to more popular events like the ‘Easter – Bunny’ in Jonkershoek, some cosy Winter-Evenings at the Club to enjoy a Fondue or a ‘Metzgete’ and to hopefully be able to soon offer our outside ‘Bush-Pub’ & Braai – Facility for your get-to-gethers with your families & friends.

As Nicky mentioned in her ‘Acceptance – Speech’ your support of these above events is critical for your Club’s and our Caterer’s well-being; please encourage your children and grand-children to participate and to let us know, what they, being  the future of the Club, would like to see being changed. As our Membership-Secretary, Andreas Walther, illustrated in his very detailed Member-Analysis, nearly 50% of our members are older than 65 ! We need to attract young blood !!

The Swiss National – Day, this year, falls on a Monday and we will be having our traditional Luncheon on that very date; our popular ‘Fescht-Hütte’, however, will be staged 2 days prior, on Saturday, 30th July.

Our negotiations with the Austrians to have our Joint Venture dissolved, after 5 ½ years, have been finalized, to both parties satisfaction. I want to stress again that nothing will be changing in our relationship with our neighbours and we will continue to exist under the Swiss & Austrian Club Banner !!

Looking forward to my semi-retirement as far as my Club-Commitments are concerned !

With my best regards and wishes

Your Ex – Presi


New Members (Jan & Feb 2016)

– Chiara Feltrin & Eduardo Manardo Ballaman, Sea Point
– Selma & Jürgen North, Somerset West
– Barbara & Jacques du Preez-Ulmi & Kayleigh & Luc, Milnerton
– Malinda & Patrick Favre & Joel & Sam, Panorama
– Yvonne & Ben Rüegg, Kommetjie
– Corinna & Mario Fourie, Edgemead
– Natasha & Desmond Hamburg & Andrea, Strandfontein
– Carolina ödman & Kevin Govender & Xavier & Cyprian, Cape Town
– Maria & Robert Spörri,  Bäretswil (CH) in March 2015 (was not in newsletter)

Birthdays April & Mai 2016

– 25.5.36 Astrid Hohl, Vredehoek
– 4.5.36 Heinz Mettler, Parow
– 29.5.32 Gordan Ronald Peterson, Constantia
– 6.4.30 Jean-Pierre Weber, Parow
– 26.5.29 Madeleine Louw, Vredehoek


–  18. Jan 2016 Gregor Höss
–  12. Jan 2016 Dieter Hörklein
–  28. Jan 2016 Sepp Grüter
–  02. Feb 2016 Max Sutter
–  17. Feb 2016 Greta Fässler
–  20. Feb 2016 Madelon Moretti
–  05. March 2016 Yvonne & Urs Gloor


We have a new payment method at the club called “Snapscan”.

More Infos:


Geehrte Damen und Herren
Wir freuen uns, Ihnen die offizielle Eröffnung des Jubliäumsjahres der Auslandschweizer-Organisation (ASO) bekanntgeben zu dürfen. Die 1916 gegründete ASO feiert 2016 einhundert Jahre im Dienste der «Fünften Schweiz».

«Die Schweiz in der Welt»

Unter dem Titel «Die Schweiz in der Welt» wird im Jubiläumsjahr die Geschichte der ASO beleuchtet, um sich intensiver mit der Frage der aktuellen und künftigen Bedürfnisse unserer Landsleute im Ausland auseinanderzusetzen. Heute leben rund 762’000 Schweizerinnen und Schweizer im Ausland; das sind mehr als 10 Prozent der Schweizer Bürger. Die Vertretung ihrer Interessen ist die Hauptaufgabe der ASO. In einer Zeit, in der die internationale Mobilität stetig zunimmt, ist es darüber hinaus wichtig, zu erklären, warum unser Land die Auswanderer braucht und welchen konkreten Beitrag sie für die Schweiz leisten.

Marsch der jungen Auslandschweizer

Um die Vielfalt der Emigration und deren Beitrag für die Schweiz aufzuzeigen, werden sich rund hundert junge Auslandschweizer auf einen zweiwöchigen Marsch, eine Abenteuerreise durch die Schweiz, begeben, bevor sie am 5. August 2016 auf dem Bundesplatz in Bern eintreffen, um uns von ihren Erlebnissen und Erwartungen zu berichten.
Projekt «Marsch der jungen Auslandschweizer»

Die Auslandschweizer stellen sich vor

Zu diesem Zweck lädt die ASO alle Auslandschweizerinnen und Auslandschweizer ein, ihr über das gesamte Jahr hinweg Videobotschaften zu schicken, in denen sie von ihren Ansichten über die heutige Schweiz oder von ihren Erwartungen erzählen oder ganz einfach Schweizer rund um die Welt grüssen. Dabei wird die Verbundenheit mit dem Heimatland zum Ausdruck kommen, die die Schweizer aller Altersstufen, ganz gleich, wo sie leben, empfinden.

Geplante Veranstaltungen

Mit zwei speziellen Anlässen möchte die ASO das 100-Jahr-Jubiläum in einem feierlichen Rahmen, der Raum für Reflexion bieten soll, begehen:

Alle Informationen im Zusammenhang mit der 100-Jahr-Feier finden Sie auf

Wir hoffen, anlässlich dieser Feierlichkeiten auf Ihre Anwesenheit zählen zu dürfen und freuen uns bereits jetzt, Sie bei dieser Gelegenheit wiederzusehen.

Marcie Bischof
OSA – Delegate responsible for Southern Africa
(South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe)

Dear Friends,

The funeral service for Franziska Bloechliger will be held tomorrow evening Friday 11.03.2016 at 19:00 at St. Martini church in Long Street. Please don’t wear dark clothing, as the family Bloechliger wants to reflect Franziska’s personality always happy and lively.

The church shall be decorated with as many white flowers as possible, so if you would like to show condolences please bring white flowers.

We are sure you understand that the family kindly ask to send your condolences in writing as this will be the most heartbreaking moment in their life.

Hopefully you will attend.


Dear all of you, who attended our Waldfest on Sunday !!

What a great event it turned out to be !!
White & Red dresses galore and a fine spirit, which we have
not experienced for many years !!

A big Thank You to the Sponsors of Prizes and to our dedicated
(few) helpers, who made sure that this was an occasion to remember !!

Until next year !!
Your Club’s Committee

P.S.: If you are missing a “Allesverloren” Leather-Pouch,
containing liquid (which you need to identify), please
phone Stefan on 082 920 9351

Sad News

Our beloved son and boyfriend, Sylvain Burki, passed away on the 14th December 2015. A Celebration of Life in his memory will be held at the Swiss Club on the 23rd January 2016 at 15h00.
From Ernest, Hedi and Charmaine.

Eidgenoessischen Wahlen 2015

Am 18. Oktober 2015 können Sie die Politiker wählen, die in den nächsten vier Jahren für Sie wichtige Entscheidungen treffen werden. Wie sollen Sie jedoch wissen, wer Ihre Interessen unter der Bundeshauskuppel am besten vertreten wird? Welches sind die wichtigsten Parteien im Schweizer Parlament? Welche Kandidaten haben sich die Vertretung der Interessen der Auslandschweizer auf die Fahne geschrieben? Wie lauten die Wahlprogramme der wichtigsten Schweizer Parteien? Wie kann ich selbst kandidieren?

Auf der speziell von der Auslandschweizer-Organisation (ASO) aufgeschalteten Plattform finden Sie alle notwendigen Informationen zur Beantwortung dieser Frage.

Als Auslandschweizerin bzw. Auslandschweizer sind Sie berechtigt zu wählen, sofern Sie in ein Stimmregister eingetragen sind.

President’s Report April 2015

Dear Members of the Swiss Social & Sports Club !!

A quarter of the year behind us……. and it only seemed like yesterday that we said ‘cheers’ to 2015 ! When one event chases the other, time just flies by !

The New Years Brunch on 25th January, which was enjoyed by some 60 guests, was closely followed by the “Waldfäscht” in Jonkerhoek; in fantastic weather those that attended had a great time; unfortunately, in my opinion, we could have done with a larger participation for such a traditional event !! (2nd Sunday in February; make a note for 2016 !!) Thereafter it’s ‘Argus’ – Time, which starts with the annual practice-ride to Kleinmond, followed 2 weeks later by the ‘Cape Town Cycle Tour’, or as we prefer to call it ‘The Argus’, which, due to the devastating fires the week before, took on a different shape in form of a 47km ride along the Blue Route; a bit of a let-down for many, but a completely understandable decision taken by the responsible organizers. The carbo-loading Pasta-Evening the night before was again a great funfilled event. The visit of the Swiss Field-Hockey-Team,which participated in the round 2 of the ‘World League’ was a rather unexpected, yet most pleasant event on our calendar; whilst they didn’t take top prize in the tournament of 8 teams, it was great to have them at our shores and entertain them at our club to a most enjoyable evening,on Thurday,12th March.

By the time this Newsletter is published, this year’s Annual General Meeting will have been held and a new committee been formed; please give it your full support and come forward with suggestions, as to how we can improve our club, be it communication, events or the way it is managed. As mentioned in the last Newsletter, our key-objective is to keep the club attractive for our members and their friends.

So what’s in the pipeline over the next few months ?? Our monthly ‘Pensioners Luncheon’, held every last Thursday of the month, seem to gain on popularity, not only from a gastronomic perspective, but as a pleasant get-to-gether; again, please let Udo or myself know, what you would like to see on the menu !!

Still very much on the ‘drawing-board’, we are planning a Saturday film-afternoon during June or July, combined with a light early supper. Please comment, if you feel this to be a good idea !

As far as Green Point is concerned, we can happily announce that all our financial liabilities towards the Cape Town City Council have been settled, fair and square. Udo, our caterer, has also ’found his feet’ and is looking forward to hear your comments and receive your suggestions, as far as his menu on offer is concerned; please give him your support in this respect. Also a Big Thanks to Rodger for installing a proper counter for the Coffee-Bar and Buffets; it looks very smart and blends in so well with our decor.

Finally, I want again thank all those ,who are continuing to support our ‘Hope’-Initiative; during a recent visit to ‘Blikkiesdorp’ we handed over, amongst lots of your donations’, 4 new soccer-balls for their youth team, very much to their delight !

See you at the Club !! With best regards

Stefan – Your Presi


President’s Report January 2015

Dear Members of the Swiss Social & Sports Club!!

Belated Best Wishes for a New Year, which will hopefully allow you to master all the challenges you encounter and bring you the rewards you deserve; most of all those of a ‘healthy’ kind !!

Reflecting on our recent events over the Festive Season, I want to thank you for the very encouraging participation at our Christmas Luncheon and both Dinners, as well as the New Year’s Day ‘televised’ concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, with was so suitably enhanced by a lavish menu of oysters, smoked salmon and other delicacies, prepared by Duo, our caterer. The “Bänze-Jass” (won by Heinz Mettler & the Hostettler Twins) as well as the “Father Christmas”, were very well attended at our lovely ‘Jonkershoek – Gem’, which is such perfect venue for these kind of occasions.

As far as the ‘Forthcoming Events’ are concerned,  the “WALDFÄSCHT”, which will be held on the 8th February, is just around the corner;(please refer to the separate invitation in the Newsletter;)

The next important event, concerning all members, is our “ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING”, which will take place at the Club-House on Tuesday, 17th March 2015 , starting at 19.00hrs.

So what’s in store for 2015??

As a Club, one of the Key-Objectives is, without question, staying attractive for it’s members, as far as  activities are concerned and the atmosphere it provides,  as a preferred meeting – place. Well, we seem to be on the right track, as far as the above is concerned, which does not mean, that we can’t  certainly still improve in some way or the other. At this point, I would like to ask you for your support, in form of suggestions and constructive input, which you can either direct to me or place into the ‘suggestion-box’ at the Club-House, provided for that purpose.

Our joint Club-Evenings appear to gain on popularity and I want to encourage you to make use of our ‘Alpenstübli’ for your private occasions, which is available free of charge for our members during  Club-Evenings.  Likewise, the outside area lends itself for an early supper with your family during these warm summer-months, letting the kids enjoy our ‘Heidiland’-Jungle gym, as well as a splash in the porta pool.

As I mentioned in my previous report, our negotiations with the Cape Town City Council with regard to some annoying outstanding Electricity – & Water – Issues took a very positive turn, eventually resulting in a very pleasant adjustment for incorrect billings, allowing us to manage our joint financial affair with the Austrian Club on a realistic basis.

Finally, I want to encourage you to make use of our Website for all the important news you need to know about our Club; a lot of work has gone into establishing this communication-tool, especially by our member Andre Häberli, and we would welcome your comment, how we could further improve on it. Likewise, the Website, which features Swiss-News of various categories, will be of interest to some of our members.

Wishing all of you a great Summer – Season and a Special Thank You to you “Hope-Supporters”;  your donations were so gratefully received, just before Christmas !!
Kind Regards from Stefan – Your Presi


President’s Report October/November 2014

Dear Members of the Swiss Social & Sports Club
This time …’no weather-report’…. rather straight to the high-lights of the past month;
– A big ‘clap on the shoulder’ to all our members and their friends, for making our “Fescht-Huette” –event on the 2nd August such a great success, as part of the ‘National Day – Celebrations’; as last year, the ‘weather-god’ was on our side, which resulted in a ‘Bumper-Turnout’, attracting a lot of youngsters, who enjoyed the art of ‘Candle-Making’, followed by grilling sausages & marshmellows and finally presenting their handmade lampions on stage; as far as the adults were concerned, …they were able to have a ‘lekker gesels’ !! (“in english a good time”)
– The Formal Luncheon on the “1st” was attended by our senior representatives from the Consulate, Bernadette & Sabine, with their partners, as well as by the German Consul General, together with some 70 guests, who were treated to a traditional meal of Gschnetzeltes & Rösti, whilst being entertained by our ‘Huusmusik’.
As we have mentioned previously, we have taken on a ‘Social Responsibility’ in the form of the “HOPE –FOUNDATION”, headed by the energetic Rev. Stefan Hippler; this initiative focuses on the ever-increasing problem of HIV/Aids –infected children, before and after birth and the possible treatment, which is part of “HOPE’s” Research-Programme at the Tygerberg Academic Health Complex. A very big Thank You goes to those few, who responded to our call and brought their donations of clothing, blankets and children’s toys to our Club. On a recent visit to the ‘Hope’ – Office at ‘Blikkiesdorp’, accompanied by the German Consul, Klaus Stross, and being welcomed by Stefan Hippler and his dedicated team, we were able to experience the happiness we were creating with your gifts! Please refer to the Face-Book Section on the Club’s Website or ‘google’ ‘Hope Cape Town’ for more information. It is your committee’s view that such worthwhile cause deserves our support on a long-term basis; so please, open your hearts and let go of some ‘excess baggage’ at your home. Further visits to Blikkiesdorp will take place and will be announced via News-Flash.
Finally, as we are heading towards another year-end,……. some important dates need to be diarized; please refer to our ‘Forthcoming Events’ – Column as well as the ‘Caterer’s Corner’.
Kind Regards from Stefan – Your Presi
Stefan Pflocksch


President’s Report August/September 2014

Since I had no input from you for a better ‘Opening-Line’ to my report, as I suggested in our last edition,………… I will again start with the weather !!??
Whilst Winter (and it seems to be an exceptionally cold-one this year) is still very much upon us, the good news is that we have passed ‘the half-way mark’ and our days are getting longer again !! And let it be said, … nothing beats a crisp Winter’s Day with blue skies and clear vistas …. (in my opinion!)
But let’s get to the ‘nitty-gritty’ of what’s has happened or is happening at your Club !
By the time you read these lines, we will have actively embarked on our “Hope” Aids-Awareness –
Campaign, through our regular News-Flashes, the Information displayed at the Club and at our
new Web-Site. Please come along and support this worthy cause; I am sure many of you know about my feelings towards the ‘Disadvantaged’ in our society ! Let’s take on a ‘Social Responsibily’ as a Club, together !
By now, we all know, who became the ‘Soccer World-Champions’ of 2014 !!
Whilst the Swiss Team performed admirably well, they were denied against Argentinia in the last couple of minutes to enter the last 16 !! Nevertheless, a great vibe was felt at the club, whenever the Swiss Team walked onto the field and gave their all !! – You made Switzerland proud !!
With Udo, our new Caterer, surely finding his feed, our recent Club-Events were well patronized and received very positive response; our ‘Pensioners Luncheons’ have gained in popularity and we are looking forward to an ever-increasing participation for this monthly event; likewise the recent ‘Cheese-Fondue’ – Evening was very well received and so pleasantly underlined by our ,this time in numbers slightly reduced, HUUSMUSIK !! Thank You for your entertainment !!
Our Forthcoming Events are well publicized in this Newsletter, the next one being our National-Day Celebration, the details of which you will find in our special inlay.
Leaves me with wishing all of you an enjoyable and festive 1st August – Event, as well as the Best of Luck in the “EDELWEISS AIR” – Raffle, which besides two mouth-watering Return-Tickets to Zurich offers many more tempting Prizes !! Please support this worthy Fundraiser for your Club !!
Looking forward to see you at many oncoming events,

I remain
Stefan (Your Presi)


President’s Report April/May 2014

Dear Members

‘Hot off the Press’ – I am pleased to inform you that at our AGM, which was held on 18th March 2014, a vote of confidence was given to your Committee, which was re-elected ‘en block’, as our Day-President, Heinz Mettler, prefers to say !!

It needs to be mentioned that every single Committee-Member is still active in their daily Working-Lives and I want to salute them all at this point for their dedication and enthusiasm to keep our Club functional and of interest to our members.
Many Thanks !!

As we have ‘ticked-off’ the first quarter of 2014 (scary, how fast it went by), we are looking forward to what the other ¾ of the year might bring !! Our new Caterer, Udo Mueller, will have started, by the time you read this report; (please refer to Caterer’s Corner) The Cape Town City Council (CCC) has finally confirmed our position at the Green Point Common, by issueing us with documents, indicating a 25-years Lease-Agreement; With all CCC – Issues , i.e. Electricity-& Water Arrears under control, we can look forward to concentrate on what our Club should be all about, namely being a ‘fun’ – place to meet, for building friendships, using it for Private Functions (“Alpenstuebli”) and to follow Sport Events on the Big Screen, and much more !! Our aim is to make it one of the preferred ‘Meeting-Places’ amongst our Members & their respected Friends !!

We have an incredibly inviting venue in one of the most attractive surroundings in Cape Town!

Let’s make it work and enjoy it !!

With kind regards

Stefan Pflocksch

Do you know…

…what events are coming up over the next few weeks? For more information see the chapter Forthcoming events.

…the website This is an interactive platform for expatriate related classifieds, we have also added a link to it on our page Useful Links, Cape Town

…there is a new Internet website called It’s goal is to be a meeting point and forum for the 645’000 Swiss living abroad. Please click on the link and have a look. – Platform of the Swiss Abroad

On 21st August 2010,, the platform of the Swiss Abroad was officially launched. Conceived, designed and delivered by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA), SwissCommunity is a global, Internet-based network which puts Swiss people in touch all over the world. The launch of this Swiss all-time first took place at the 88th Congress of the Swiss Abroad, which was being held in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In the age of the Internet and of social networking, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) wondered how to facilitate the contact among the 700,000 Swiss people abroad and to strengthen their ties to Switzerland. The answer? An Internet-based platform called! By creating, the OSA wishes to offer a world club for the Swiss abroad. The idea is not to found an association, but to create a web-based community – something like Facebook, Xing or Linked-In, but not exactly. SwissCommunity is a quality platform open exclusively to Swiss people who have lived, are living, or are going to live, abroad. It is a “club” of international Switzerland, devised and tailored for the needs of the Swiss round the world. In just a few clicks, our fellow-citizens abroad can now enter into contact with each other and find out what is happening in Switzerland. They will also get ample information on each canton (political life, culture, tourism, education etc). will enable them to forge special links with their canton of origin, the canton where they exercise voting rights, or simply their favourite canton. By joining, the Swiss abroad can forge and maintain links with the Swiss diaspora round the world and with Switzerland. They will also benefit from a wide range of offers and services. – die Plattform der Auslandschweizer

Am 21. August 2010 war, die Plattform der Auslandschweizer, in St. Gallen offiziell lanciert. SwissCommunity, von der Auslandschweizer-Organisation (OSE) konzipiert, entwickelt und umgesetzt, ist ein globales Netzwerk, das Schweizerinnen und Schweizer auf der ganzen Welt miteinander vernetzt. Als Schweizer Premiere fand die Lancierung im Rahmen des 88. Auslandschweizer-Kongresses statt. Im Zeitalter von Internet und sozialen Netzwerken stellte sich für die Auslandschweizer-Organisation die Frage, wie der Kontakt der 700’000 Auslandschweizer untereinander gefördert und ihre Verbindungen mit der Schweiz gestärkt werden können. Die Antwort lautete: über eine Internet-Plattform namens Mit SwissCommunity werden die Auslandschweizer-Organisation (ASO) einen weltweiten Klub der Auslandschweizer schaffen – nicht etwa im Sinne eines Vereins, sondern einer sogenannten Internet Community, ähnlich wie Facebook, Xing oder Linked-in. SwissCommunity ist eine erstklassige Plattform, die speziell auf ehemalige, heutige und zukünftige Auslandschweizer ausgerichtet ist. Ein «Klub» der internationalen Schweiz, der auf die Bedürfnisse von Schweizerinnen und Schweizern weltweit zugeschnitten ist. Von nun an können unsere im Ausland lebenden Landsleute mit wenigen Mausklicks miteinander Kontakt aufnehmen und Aktuelles aus der Schweiz erfahren. Auch stehen ihnen zahlreiche Informationen zu jedem Kanton (Politik, Kultur, Wirtschaft, Tourismus, Bildung usw.) zur Verfügung. gibt ihnen die Möglichkeit, bevorzugte Verbindungen zu ihrem Herkunfts- oder Heimatkanton, dem Kanton, in dem sie ihr Stimmrecht ausüben, oder ganz einfach zu ihrem Lieblingskanton zu unterhalten. Als Mitglieder von knüpfen und pflegen Auslandschweizerinnen und Auslandschweizer Kontakte zur Schweizer Diaspora weltweit sowie zur Schweiz und profitieren zudem von einem umfassenden Leistungsangebot. vernetzt Schweizerinnen und Schweizer auf der ganzen Welt!

Goals of the Swiss Club

The objects of the Swiss Club are:

  • To foster sociability amongst its members
  • To preserve and foster Swiss traditions
  • To maintain contact with organisations which further the interests of Swiss abroad
  • To provide facilities of various types for its members



History of the Swiss Club

The club was founded 30 May 1923 with about 33 members. It was purely a social club which met at restaurants or hotels managed by Swiss, or for Sunday picnics. After the arrival of a large number of young Swiss in 1932, choir, football and tennis sections, followed 1949 by the Swiss Rifle Club, were formed.

During the South African boom years after World War II, membership soared. An application was submitted to the City Council in 1963 for a piece of land on which a clubhouse might be erected. This was granted in principle, provided the Swiss Club transformed itself to meet the description as a sports club. This was achieved in 1971 when the Swiss Social and Sports Club was formed, incorporating the Swiss Tennis Club and the Swiss Football Club, whose members henceforth also had to become paid-up members of the mother club. The Swiss Rifle Club remained independent, because it is subsidised by the Swiss Federal Government and for this reason had to remain accessible to those Swiss who did not wish to become members of the mother club. On 4 October 1975 the clubhouse, football field and tennis courts were officially opened. In 1977 the bar was added to the Clubhouse. At this time Club membership was over 600.

Today the Club has just over 300 members, and accommodates a male choir, bicycle club and tennis club. Activities include Jassen, Frauentreffen, Golf, and social evenings. The Swiss Rifle Club remains an associated club. For the FIFA WC 2010 a major football stadium was built on the Green Point Common.  As a result of these circumstances the Swiss Club house was demolished and received a new building  nearby which was handed over before the WC 2010.

The Swiss Social and Sports Club owns 4,4 hectars of idyllic woodlands on the banks of the Jonkershoek River near Stellenbosch. It was donated to the Swiss Club for use as a camping and picnic site by Brigadier G.C.G. Werdmuller, a fifth generation descendant of a Swiss immigrant. The facilities include two chalets, an ablution block and a roofed braai area.

Adolphe Linder

History of the Swiss Club 1


1. Introduction and objects
1.1. The name of the Club is the Swiss Social and I Sports Club, Cape Town. For the purposes of this constitution, it will be known as the Swiss Club or the Club.
1.2. The Swiss Club is affiliated to the New Helvetic Society and is thus a member of the group controlled by that organisation.
1.3. The objects of the Swiss Club are:
(a) To foster sociability amongst its members, (b) To preserve and foster Swiss traditions, (c) To maintain contact with organisations which further the interests of Swiss abroad and, (d) To provide facilities of various types for its members.
1.4. For the furtherance of the aforesaid main objects, the following are subsidiary objects of the Swiss Club:
(a) To own  or lease land,
(b) To provide on such land owned or leased by the Club, facilities as tennis courts, football fields, change rooms and other usual facilities and club houses for the use and benefit of its members and guests,
(c) To purchase, sell and deal in all kinds of movable or immovable property required for the furtherance of the above objects,
(d) To borrow or raise money in such a manner as the members in general meeting may decide,
(e) To accept any gift, whether subject to any special terms nor not,
(f) To support or subscribe to any charitable or other institutions, Clubs, Societies or Funds,
(g) To invest monies of the Club not immediately required for any of its objects in such a manner as may from time to time be determined by the Committee,
(h) To institute or defend actions at law in the name of the Club,
(i) To enter into reciprocity agreements with other Clubs or Societies of a similar nature,
j) To foster cordial relations with other Clubs and Societies in Southern Africa and with the people of the Western Cape,
(k) To constitute or promote sub-sections within the Club for members who engage regularly in specific activities, e.g. tennis, shooting, football, etc.  These will be for the purpose of this constitution hereinafter be referred to as “sub-sections of the Club”,
(I) To grant to any of the sub-sections of the Club any benefits or privileges which may be required or prove necessary and to enter into arrangements or contracts with any person, Club, sub-section of the Club or body f or the promotion of the main objectives of the Club,
(m) To let out on hire the grounds controlled by the Club or any portion thereof,
(n) To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive of the attainment of the above objects.
1.5. The income and property of the Club, regardless of where it is derived from, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Club, as set out above. No portions thereof shall be paid by way of dividend, bonus or any other way to the members of the Club or to any other person. Provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any servant or employee of the Club or any other person in return for any service rendered to the Club.
1.6. No remuneration shall be paid to any member of a Committee of the Swiss Club or any of its subsections except the re-payment of out -of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the Club, unless authorised by the members in general meeting.
1.7. Membership of the Swiss Club shall not give to any member any right, title interest, claim or demand in or to any of the monies, property or assets of the Club but only confers upon such member the right and privilege of entering the grounds, erections of the Club and making use of these subject to the constitution of the Club and  such regulations and bye -laws introduced by the Committee as may be in force at the time.
1.8. The financial year of the Swiss Club shall end on 31 December.

2. Members
2.1. (a) The club shall consist of members of the following classes, namely -Single member,  Family member, Free member, Pensioners, Country member, Member over 80, Honorary member, and Reciprocity members,
(b) Single membership: residing in South Africa or abroad.
(c) Family membership: residing in South Africa or abroad. Husband, Wife and children (under 21 years), living in the same household or live -in partner of a single member.  Family members shall have one vote at any meeting of members.
(d) Free membership: a person who has been elected by the committee due to extraordinary work done for the club. Free membership is granted for 1 year and can be renewed by the committee.
(e) Pensioner membership: A member older than 65 years.
(f) Country membership: A member residing more than 50 km away from Green Point or Jonkershoek.
(g) Over 80 membership: A member older than 80 years.
(h) Honorary membership: a person who is by virtue of his holding some public office elected an honorary member by the committee or who being a member has conferred some special benefits on the club and is by virtue thereof elected at an annual or extra-ordinary general meeting.
During their respective terms of office the Swiss Consul General and/or the Swiss Consul in Cape Town and the Swiss Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa shall be honorary member,
(i) Reciprocity membership: A person who is a member of another club with which this club as a reciprocity agreement. No Reciprocity member shall have any voice in the affairs of the club or any vote at any meeting of members.
2.2. Swiss Club members are defined as follows:
(a) Swiss citizens
(b) Persons of other than Swiss nationality who are married to a Swiss
(c) Persons of non-Swiss nationality. The percentage of this members shall not exceed 30% of total membership.
2.3. Each candidate for Single or Family membership shall be proposed and seconded by two Swiss members who are Single, Family or Honorary members of at least two years standing.
2.4. No person other than a member shall become a member of a sub-section of the club.
2.5. A candidate for membership, shall have the privilege of making use of the club’s facilities until the date of the meeting at which the application is considered, and shall be deemed, during such period to be a temporary member.
2.6. A candidate for Single or family membership shall be required to complete and sign an application for membership form of the Club which document must be laid before the Committee when the applications considered.
2.7. Upon election and payment of an application fee as determined from time to time by the Committee and the subscription (calculated as set out hereinafter), such candidate for membership shall become a member of the Swiss Club. Subject to the constitution and any regulations and bylaws in force from time to time, such member shall be entitled to make use of the facilities of the Club.
2.8. A member wishing to resign from the club shall inform the Membership Secretary or the Secretary in writing, provided that such resignation shall not relieve the person concerned of the obligation to pay the subscription in respect of the year during which he resigns and any arrears or subscriptions or any other obligation due by him to the club.
2.9. Alterations of addresses of members shall be notified in writing to the Membership Secretary or the Secretary. Notice posted by the Membership Secretary or the Secretary to a members’ address registered in the register of members shall be deemed to have been properly given to such member.
2.10. The Club shall consist of not less than fifty Single members, Family members or Free members.

3. Subscriptions
3.1. The annual subscriptions payable by members shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting of members at the end of each financial year. A simple majority of those present at the meeting shall be sufficient in deciding the level of subscriptions.
3.2. Honorary members, Committee members and Free members are exempt from the payment of subscriptions.
3.3. The Committee shall ensure that all subscriptions (including subscriptions levied in respect of subsections) are collected.
3.4. All subscriptions for a year (i.e. from 1 January to 31 December) shall fall due on 31 March of that year. No member who has not paid his subscriptions within three months after it became due, shall be allowed to continue as a member while his subscription is unpaid.
3.5. Persons who join the Swiss Club prior to 30 June shall be liable for the full annual subscription.Persons who join the Swiss Club subsequent to 30 June but prior to 31 December shall be liable for 50% of the annual subscription.

4. Expulsion of members
4.1. The Committee in Committee Meeting shall have the right to expel any member for:
(a) Objectionable behaviour which proves unworthiness of membership or
(b) Conduct injurious to the reputation of the Swiss Club and Swiss Nationality.
4.2. Paragraph 4.1. shall not prevent such a member from having an opportunity to state his point of view to the meeting referred to therein.
4.3. The Committee is not required to state its reasons for such expulsion.

5. Committee
5.1. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee of members consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and not less than four additional members together which such representatives as are appointed to the committee by the Municipality in terms of its lease of the Club premises.
5.2. (a) The President, Vice -President, and other members of the Committee mentioned in Rule 5.1. shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting.
(b) In the event of insufficient persons being elected, those elected shall have the power to co-opt additional members to fill the vacancies on the committee.
(c) In the event of a vacancy occurring on the committee, the remaining members shall have power to co -opt a member to fill such vacancy at any time.
(d) No member other than a Single member, Family member, Free member, Country member, Pensioner member, or Honorary member shall be eligible to serve on the committee.
(e) Except in the case of committee members who retire at an annual general meeting, no member shall be eligible for election as President, Vice-president or other committee member unless he has been proposed and seconded by written notice to the Secretary not less than three clear days before the date on which the election is to take place.
5.3. The business of the committee shall be conducted at properly constituted committee meetings. These will be held at regular intervals during the year. They may also be convened at the request of not less than three committee members.
5.4. The quorum at committee meetings shall be three committee members personally present, the clear majority of votes being decisive.
5.5. The President shall preside as Chairman at all meetings of committee and of members. He shall also represent the Swiss Club at all official functions and shall in general direct the activities of the Swiss Club. Together with the Secretary he shall sign the minutes of any meeting after they have confirmed as correct or amended by the meeting.
5.6. The Vice -President shall assist the President in the discharge of his duties and, in the absence of the President, shall assume the functions and duties of the President.
5.7. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of Committee and Club members in an official minute book. He/she is further responsible for the maintenance of the list of members of the Club and for all correspondence of the Club. Finally, he is responsible for sending each new member a copy of this constitution after acceptance into club membership.
5.8. (a) The Treasurer shall keep the books of account and record of the Swiss Club and collect subscriptions from members and other monies due for and on behalf of the club. He is further l responsible for the day to day administration of the Club’s finances.
(b) If a Liquor License is granted to the Club, such license shall be held by the Committee. The Caterer shall be responsible to keep all books and records required in terms of the Liquor Act and Regulations and be responsible for the Club’s beverage department.
5.9. Subject to the provisions of  this constitution, the Committee shall have full powers to carry out any act, matter or thing which could or might be done by the Club, with the exception of such matters as are reserved to be dealt with at a General Meeting of members.
Furthermore, the Committee shall have the following additional special powers:
(a) To elect sub-committees to operate under its direction and control in assisting it in its task of administering the affairs of the club and to delegate any of its powers to such subcommittee.
(b) To appoint such agents or servants for permanent, temporary or special services, as it may deem fit and invest them with such powers, and determine their duties, and fix, vary and pay their salaries or emoluments (if any) and suspend or discharge any such persons at its discretion.
(c) To make, vary or repeal bylaws for the regulation of affairs of the Swiss Club, its officers and servants or the members, provided that such bylaws do not conflict with the constitution of the Club.
(d) To enter into contracts with sub-sections of the Club for the promotion of the Club’s objects and,
(e) To give grant and withdraw reciprocal rights to members of other clubs and on such terms and conditions as the Committee may from time to time determine.

6. Meetings of members
6.1. Meetings of members shall be presided over by the President as Chairman or, in his absence, the Vice -President.
6.2. The Annual General Meeting, which shall be convened by the Committee, shall take place each year as soon as possible  after 31 December. Fourteen days notice in writing must be given to the members.
The agenda shall consist of the following:
(a) Confirmation of minutes of the previous annual general meeting,
(b) Adoption of financial and auditors report,
(c) President’s report on the Club’s activities during the past year,
(d) Discharge of the Committee, election of Committee and auditor for the ensuing year,
(e) Determination of annual subscription,
(f) Election of property trustee for the general property of the Club as required by rules 9.1. and 9.2.,
(g) Any other competent business.
6.3. The quorum of an Annual General Meeting or any extra-ordinary general meeting shall be by show of hands, except where a secret ballot has been agreed to by members present at the meeting. Unless otherwise stated in the Constitution, a decision shall be carried by a simple majority of votes cast at any meeting.
Only Single members, Family members, Free members, Pensioner members, Country members, Over 80 members and Honorary members shall be entitled to speak and vote at a general meeting.
6.4. At all meetings, the President shall have a deliberative and casting vote.
6.5. Subject to rule 6.6. the convening of meetings of members apart from the Annual General Meeting lies within the jurisdiction of the Committee.
6.6. The Committee may at any time and shall on the written requisition of not less than 20 members entitled to vote, convene an extra-ordinary general meeting of members.
6.7. Except where otherwise specially provided for in I this constitution, a clear majority of votes shall ‘ -, be decisive regarding all proposals submitted at general or extra-ordinary meetings of the club, provided all such proposals are duly moved and seconded by members.
No person who has not paid his subscription within three months after it became due shall be entitled to attend or take part in or vote at any general meeting.
6.8. A register of those present at a general or extraordinary meeting of members shall be kept and compared with the list of members at that date.
6.9. All minutes of the club shall be signed by the President and Secretary.

7. Books and Accounts
7.1. Proper books of account must be kept and accounts submitted to the members at the end of the financial year.
7.2. The books and accounts of the club shall be audited by an auditor who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. No Committee member shall be permitted to hold the post of auditor of the Club.
7.3. The club  shall maintain a bank account containing the cash assets of the Club. Withdrawals of monies from this account shall require the signatures of any two of: The President, the Treasurer, the Secretary or any other appointed committee member.
7.4. Cash received shall be paid into the bank account.
7.5. The Committee shall have the right to make any withdrawals from the bank account for any payments necessary for the ordinary running and management of the Club.
7.6. The Committee may invest some of the monies of the Club with savings banks or building societies to the best advantage of the Club.

8. Property Trustees
8.1. The Club shall be entitled to acquire or lease immovable property which shall be vested  in two trustees.  One trustee shall be, ex officio, the President of the Club and the other trustee shall be appointed by the members of the club at the Annual General Meeting to serve for the period of one year. He/she shall be eligible for re-election.
8.2. The trustees shall act as administrators of such property as directed by the Committee of the Club and shall be empowered to sign and execute all necessary documents to enable the transactions as authorised to be passed and registered at the Deeds Registry. They shall have the power to sell, dispose of, mortgage or in any other manner encumber the immovable properties, provided such transaction be authorised by a majority of two thirds of the members present at a properly constituted Annual General or extra-ordinary General Meeting called expressly for that purpose.

9. Language
9.1. The affairs of the Club shall be transacted in English, but members are at liberty and shall have the right to express themselves in any of the four National Languages.

10. Liquidation of the Club
10.1. Should the number of Single members, Family members, Pensioner members, Over 80 members, Country members and Free members drop below fifty, the Club will have to be liquidated.  Such liquidation shall be carried out and supervised by the liquidator appointed at a meeting of members.
10.2. The cash assets remaining after liquidation shall be forwarded to the New Helvetic Society in Berne with the request that they act as trustees and hold the amount available for the foundation of a future new Swiss Club in Cape Town.

11. Alterations to Constitution
11.1. No amendment of this constitution shall be valid unless it be passed at a duly constituted Annual or at an extra-ordinary General Meeting convened by the Committee or on the requisition of not less than 20 members who have voting rights.
11.2. Such proposed amendments shall be subject to and included with written notice to the members 14 days prior to the day of the meeting, such notice to be given by the Committee.
11.3. No  resolution amending this constitution shall be valid unless it be passed by two-thirds of the members who have voting rights and who are present at the time the resolution is put to the vote.
11 .4. Any such amendment constitutionally accepted shall be  circularised to all members of  the Club within three months of acceptance by the meeting.

This constitution is based on the original constitution, approved and adopted at an extraordinary General Meeting on 9 May 1973 and the amendment approved on 19 February 1976.

This constitution replaces all previous constitutions.

Cape Town, 23 March 2004.

President: Michael Hauser

Secretary: Yvette Küng