Club Facilities

Green Point

  •  The new club house is located in the Green Point Commons, not far away from where the old one was. The old club house had to make way for the redevelopment of the Green Point for the FIFA soccer world cup 2010. For a brief history of the club house click here.

    On 11 June 2010, the same day the soccer world cup started, also the new club house opened which we share with the Austrian Club.

    Green Point Commons, off Bill Peters Drive, Cape Town
  • Thursday


    Club evening in the club house, 18:00 - 23:00 members and fiends are invited.
    Please see under the section Events and also the invitations sent by e-mail or post
  • You want to reserve a table or order a meal? You would like to use the club house for an Event or a Party?

    Please Contact:

    Name: Nicky
    Telephone (Clubhouse): (0) 21 434 8405
    Mobile phone (Nicky): 082 921 7729

    For more info, visit our Restaurant page


  • The facilities are located in the beautiful valley Jonkershoek (near Stellenbosch) which is part of the World Heritage Site. There is a club house which can be used by paid up club members for functions and a camping site with a cabin at the back which can be rented.

    rules and regulations sign

     Click on our rules for reading


    • Please remember to pay the person on duty before leaving, donations are welcome.
    • Non-Members must be accompanied by a member with a valid membership card when using the Jonkershoek facilities.
    • There is a locked gate in Jonkershoek, the code can be obtained from Norman, the caretaker, or the person on duty for the weekend. Norman's cell phone is 082 967 7054.
    • Please remember to always bring your valid club card, the person on duty will need to see this before opening the facilities for you.
    • Be aware that there are ticks in the area so please be careful and check your kid's shoes and socks. Tick bite fever can be quite serious for small children and animals!
    • Keep Jonkershoek clean, please remove all your garbage when leaving, thank you.
    • Thanking you kindly. The Jonkershoek Committee

    Cell Phone

    Jonkershoek valley, Stellenbosch

    -33.9578092 | 18.8833312 (DIGITAL FORMAT)

    +27 (0)82 967 7054

  • Note: Non-Members MUST be accompanied by a member

    Jonkershoek Fees

    Day visitors
    Non Members up to 12 yearsR30/day
    Camping Fees
    Members up to 12 yearsR50/day
    Members DogsR30
    Non MembersR150/day
    Non Members up to 12 yearsR100/day
    Non Members DogsR50
    Power supplyR50/day
    Rental of the Duty Cabin:R500/night plus camping fees

    Donations Welcome!!!!!

    NB: Remember to pay the person on duty or Norman our Caretaker. Please
    control your pets. Keep Jonkershoek Clean, Remove all Garbage when
    Thanking you Kindly
    The Committee 08/11/2017

    2018-10-20Bianca Bützer021 852 7429082 340 6271
    2018-10-27Belinda Strand083 561 1150
    2018-11-03René Bützer021 557 6628082 224 4191
    2018-11-10Ernest Bürki021 557 1244083 369 3859
    2018-11-17Roger Huber021 552 4067083 548 3260
    2018-11-24Pierre Evard021 444 7726082 884 1522
    2018-12-01Stefan Rüsi021 531 7571083 703 8066
    2018-12-08Stefan Pflocksch021 715 2703082 920 9351
    2018-12-15Roger Huber021 552 4067083 548 3260
    2018-12-22Hans Herren021 558 9041074 760 5468
    2018-12-29Daniel Siegenthaler021 551 4173082 826 1709

    Dear Members

    The Camping Season is coming to an end soon, our last Event is the Easter Picnic on the 1st April.
    The Camping Season has been well attended. We would like to start a whats app group with the Regular Campers. We are hoping that this way families and singles would form groups so that there are always more than one Camper or one Family at the Campsite. This is not to Alarm anyone but more of an awareness and safety precaution.
    Sadly there is crime everywhere, we still want to enjoy the pleasures and freedom of being at Jonkershoek but to always be mindful of whats happening in our Country!!
    Fortunately this Season has been quiet and without any serious incidence.
    NB: Gate Code Change end March - The new no will be the year when the first 3 Cantons came together and founded Switzerland!!!

    Kind regards

    René Bützer & The Jonkershoek Team

  • Presidents Report 2016

    Sadly we had a family who lost a gas bottle and some of their foodstuff to an opportunist who entered our Campsite in the early hours of the morning on the 3 January, their entry and exit was from across the River. This happened on two other occasions during the year.

    Unfortunately we've had some problems with our Reservoir running dry, leaving us without water since end January. We are grateful to Norman, who once again came to the rescue and got us a petrol pump from Nature Conservation, which we used to pump water to our big tank.

    On the 12 March, Norman reported that our brass taps from our drinking water and the one at the ablution block had been stolen, resulting in a complete water loss from all our tanks.  Two days later he discovered that the burglars had entered the ladies toilets through the roof and stolen the copper pipes connected to the geysers. One month later a bigger problem reared its ugly head again, this time a burglary to both the Chalet and the Cabin. Most of our equipment were stolen, including fridges, frying pan right down to our toilet paper and cleaning materials.  The new method of entry to homes, which has become quite common and known as the 'crowbar entry' was used. Their trail led to the shacks behind us.

    Since 1 April the Stellenbosch Municipality has implemented new Patrol Vehicles to all the Farms and allocated each with a number, ours being 'Farm 40'. They patrol 4 times per day, so please do not be alarmed if a vehicle with the branding JSRA (Jonkershoek Special Rating Area) comes on our Property. They previously did not have access to our property but since the burglary, we saw the need to allow them access.

    We have looked at various security options and to date have installed 5 motion sensor lights. Roger fitted shutters to all the windows at the Chalet.

    Our Copper thief has been at another burglary and his finger prints matches ours. He is now safe at Pollsmoor.

    We had to cut down 8 rotten trees to prevent unforseen accidents from happening, they will be replaced with new trees. For a long time it looked like a Construction site in front of the Chalet, we laid new paving and built an enclosed wall for seating purposes.

    A word of thanks to Robert Keller for his kind and generous donation that enabled us to do the wall and paving, also thanks to Ernst Heusser and Desmond Hamburg for their donation of fridges, it has been bolted to the floor and will hopefully stay there.

    A Special thanks to Roger Huber, Hans Herren and Ernest Bürki for their time , hard work and dedication towards uplifting, upgrading and maintaining our Jewel in Jonkershoek.

    Yours in Service

    René Bützer

    Emergency No for JSRA:      082 832 3303

    Control Room:                      021 886 8976